1. All VRLA Expo Exhibitors agree to be bound by The Virtual Reality Foundation’s regulations for the event.
  2. Exhibitors may exhibit only in their designated booth or floor space, and may not exhibit in the lobby walkways, or any other area of the exhibition space.
  3. Exhibitors’ contact information may be provided to press.
  4. Exhibitors may not display, advertise or otherwise promote any so-called “adult content,” including but not limited to pornography.
  5. Exhibitors agree to abide by any and all requests made by members of the VRLA organizing staff.
  6. Exhibitors agree in advance to allow filming of their booth, exhibit and personnel during the VRLA Expo without any compensation or credit.
  7. Exhibitors agree to indemnify The Virtual Reality Foundation, VRLA, its designees and assigns and all organizers against any legal action brought by an attendee against an exhibitor arising from the Exhibitor’s participation in the VRLA Expo.
  8. Exhibitor fees must be paid in full two weeks before the VRLA Expo. Booth and floor space is subject to cancellation without refund otherwise.
  9. The Los Angeles Convention Center is a union facility, and requires union labor to load equipment in and out of the expo space. The base rate for this labor (material handling) is $77.00/100 lbs, and $95.80/100 lbs during overtime. Freight can be shipped in advance starting 7/27/16 and must arrive at VRLA’s General Services Contractor, Blaine, no later than August 1, 2016.