VRLA 20x20 booth

Tier 4 – 20×20′ Island (SOLD OUT)

From: $10,000

This includes:

20×20’ island

Medium logo placement
– On our website
– In our emails
– On sponsor boards
– Show guide map
– Step and repeat
– Hanging banners

– 10x Exhibitor Passes
– 15x One-Day Expo Passes
– 8x Two-Day Pro Passes
– Up to 10 additional exhibitor passes may be purchased below

– Press list
– Opt-in Leads

Electricity, internet, carpet, and extra furniture are sold separately.

DEADLINE FOR DISCOUNTED RATES: March 31, 2017 thereafter standard rates apply.

DEADLINE FOR EAC FORM: Friday, March 3, 2017



Please note the Los Angeles Convention Center is a union facility and requires union Teamster  labor to load and unload all freight in and out of the booth space. You will be allowed to hand carry material in one trip without use of union labor otherwise Teamster labor is required.  The base rate for union labor (material handling) is $77.00/100 lbs, and $95.80/100 lbs during overtime (200 lb minimum). Freight can be shipped in advance starting March 15, 2017  and must arrive at VRLA’s General Services Contractor, Blaine, no later than Friday April 7, 2017.